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    Dolina Bodrak and the Crimean observatory


    On 17 km of highway Simferopol-Bakhchisarai on the south the highway on the Observatory (settlement Scientific) leaves. This popular place of excursions, but also in itself road it is unusually beautiful and interesting. Settlement Rocky – the centre Alminsky kareroupravlenija . The white dense limestone which has received the name alminsky, bodraksky or inkermansky a stone, is extracted more than two thousand years. Now it cut by special cars on big stenovye blocks of which in 1970-1980th years the big microdistricts in all cities of Crimea are constructed. Remarkable plates for facing were delivered to England and other countries. At the left at entrance in Rocky two huge steps of an operating open-cast mine, and below it flooded with waters of springs an old open-cast mine tower. It is said that the lake with amazing turquoise water was formed unexpectedly and on its depth 15 metre lighting tower. Lake I name the Martian pond – so channels of Mars when there still there was a life, probably, could look. Anyway in any fantastic film such open-cast mine removed as a forum of aliens.

    On departure from settlement in the narrowest part of a valley in hanging rocks set of grottoes. Grottoes in east board of a valley are called the Shaitan-koba (the Devil's cave) , is possible , because of rocks with outlines of the huge muzzle quite suitable the shaitan or the cannibal . the rests of bones of animals are (on the average found in one of grottoes and an instrument of labour of primitive people. It really the most convenient for spending the night, with an equal floor and a cosy canopy. But the most interesting grotto with the huge slanting arch for certain served the shaman. Here, clicking fingers or singing it is possible to feel physically that such reflexion of a sound wave. And after all the modern person applies electronic reverbery only any ten-other years …

    From highway it is possible to get to the cave city of Bakla, and also to the equipped vacation spot at an ancient spring Afinis . Here it is possible to pass only by cars with good passableness, on a mountain bicycle or top.

    Bakla - the ancient centre of the winemaking which has kept the rests of two manors with several tens stone pifosov (tanks) and davilnjami tarapanami. More all Bakla involves visitors with exposures of the rocks which have become by object of official excursion of the World geological congress of 1984 Already more of half a century here there pass practice the future geologists of leading high schools of Russia and Ukraine. Freakish figures of cellular aeration of local limestones suggest about grandiose accident that has led to instant  destruction of numerous sea organisms. Foam which they have given when have cooked alive from peregretyh underground waters, and has led to such unusual turbulences. Well and sources of those "тюф схчфэ№" about which it is written in a bible Genesis, it is simple to calculate in dioritovyh open-cast mines nearby.

    Trudoljubovka and Cool

    In 6 km above with. Rocky (earlier with. Bodrak) is with. Trudoljubovka (Tau-Bodrak). Here already more than 50 years settle down base summer geological an expert the Sank-Petersburg university . And for quite some time now and one of the bases of a mountain cycle tourism first in Crimea.

    Nazvanie Trudoljubovka has been thought up, as well as hundreds others, for one night, during eviction of the Crimean Tatars on May, 18th, 1944. Thought out names editors of regional newspapers, therefore Trudoljubovok in Crimea a little. The nearest is in area with. Clean the Simferopol area is boring enough place so do not confuse.
    The present name of our village Tau-Bodrak. Tau - mountain, or wood (on krymskotatarski, on the Foothills dialect). The name of Bodrak which is carried by all valley, and also carried the biggest village - now Rocky, means on krymskotatarski "схччхьхыіэ№щ". Russian word "ср=Ёръ" occurs from it. Possibly, it is connected and that in a valley is not enough an arable land, and that when in 1299 emir Nogaj has burnt the city of Bakla its inhabitants began to live in a valley, but the earths could not receive. Between Rocky and Trudoljubovkoj ruins of the big potter's centre of the Middle Ages settle down.

    From a valley of Bodrak on the West in the Alminsky valley conducts through wood set of ancient pack tracks. And recently to them have increased also roads to open-cast mines where not only cut limestone, but also blow up strong and most beautiful diabase.

    The village and huge scale of "black" archeology Is well-known. In the early nineties at building of asphalt road for again taken away cemetery crypts of times goto-alanskogo the breeding union have been opened. It is 3 - 8 centuries of our era. Using the general confusion, a certain Moscow archaeological "amateur" society has driven by buses set of workers with shovels, and also used also local a tractor. It is difficult to tell, how many hundreds or thousand unique archeological finds were then is taken out to Russia, and then has dispersed on private collections of the world. Large attacks of Muscovites it has been finished, but remained small "kopateli" - knowing enough, watching the archaeological literature and especially cards of investigations. Thousand crypts gape in a hillside on either side of from the asphalt road conducting in general anywhere. After all a cemetery here and have not arranged. But there was an unusual monument – the Valley of Thousand Crypts, the most grandiose in Crimea the certificate of scope of black archeology. On one of crossings of roads there is an ancient sanctuary, and in days of a Patriotic War - guerrilla base, a spring of Afinis.

    The Valley of small small river Bodrak though is the geological object most studied on globe, is still full of geological riddles. The most study can name this area of a planet, as every summer, already throughout 50 years, (students and teachers) from many countries collect some honeycombs of geologists here samples of breeds and minerals, describe forms of a relief and geological processes.

    The Laboratory space and air photographies of the Moscow university has saved up unprecedented quantity of photos. On to base of the Moscow State University in with. Cool (Mangush) it is collected not only the richest geological museum. Many years students bring also archeological finds. Specially nobody is engaged in it. Simply at washing out of breeds by summer downpours on a surface always there are also Stone Age instruments of labour – every possible silicon scrapers, bone needles and harpoons, and also bronze and ceramic things of Sarmatians, is ready, alanov – this area was one of the basic centres of their culture. Known archeologist Askold Shchepinsky has helped to classify in due time finds of Muscovites and to make a sensible exposition. To look it it is possible only at good acquaintances to Moscow State University professorate.

    But we will return actually to geological riddles a head river of Bodrak . This route can be made on foot, top or on a bicycle. Also on a jeep or a motorcycle. Highway villages above Trudoljubovka through the Mother-in-law's bridge (it coils like a snake sting or mother-in-law's language) rises sharply upwards, and the valley of Bodrak continues to go north to the Crimean reserve.

    From the east over a valley the calcareous file of Kermen (443м) towers. The word "kermen" in general means a fortress in Turkic languages. At top ruins of small medieval strengthening which supervised this ancient road have remained.

    Nearby to mountain Kermen there is an open-cast mine of magmatic breeds (porfirita, diabase, diorita).

    Dolina Bodrak everywhere opens freakish folds of slates. There are also vertical breakages of other mysterious breed. It is loess. Breed consists of grains of sand. Only they not okatany by sea, have keen edges. The loess not tekuch, and on the contrary holds vertical breakage. Holds (already one and a half thousand years) it and the arches of burial places is ready and alanov, which in a valley many thousand. Crypts in loess keep ancient things better the mausoleums and pyramids, fluctuations of temperature are not present and is always dry. So bronze of the early Middle Ages looks simply as new, and in jugs (their nimbuses have the characteristic form "for three") milk even does not turn sour now for three days. Such jugs are called ejnohojja, their form has developed in antique Ellade.

    In a valley upper course all large beams with springs of all about one and a half ten picturesque ponds are blocked. The best bathing – in a pond of Aksimenty, and also in lake Domuzaran (kabanja a foot).

    Below a lake Domuz-aran dam (Kabanja a foot) - an old plantation of a tea rose. The dam is good for downhill racing on a mountain bicycle, mauntinborde or kvadrotsikle. And to begin it it is possible from a hill above, there the track is twisted artfully enough, there are any hillocks and roots on which it is possible to jump. Well and from a dam you fly on a rose plantation, it is better not to be mistaken and it is soft obkatat a ploughed land both any hillocks and ruts!

    In 7 km above highway a first coat partitions off a barrier, and a valley, its basis, vertical introduction of magmatic breeds is more exact. The small river here runs in the cleanest cascades strong bluish blocks. From here, kosuli and the Crimean red deer - virgin forests where from the Crimean reserve wild wild boars come already begin with knightly times considered the most aristocratic game.


    This settlement is based on height about 600 metres above sea level on a place which on long-term researches of scientists of the Pulkovsky observatory, possesses the best transparency of atmosphere. Tourists usually come towards evening. Get acquainted with a museum devoted to astronomical and space researches, and pass by the biggest in Europe of a telescope (on it conduct researches scientists of Ukraine, Russia and other countries), observe work of huge mechanisms in towers of telescopes. Admire a magnificent view on the Main ridge, where on Ah-Petrinsky jajle at good weather kinds silvery balls of a military space observatory. A forest park and lakes Scientific also are very good, well and with approach of darkness tourists have pleasure with dvuhsotkratnym increase to look at the Moon, Saturn with its rings and the closest stars.

    From settlement Scientific the set of good first coats and to a valley of Bodrak, and to a valley of Kachi, and to reserve borders - to a valley of small river Martha will run. Scientists who live in settlement - very interesting people. Naturally, and visitors to them come the entertaining. It is a lot of experts on the local nature. In settlement exhibitions, concerts and different cultural actions are arranged.

    The Apartment Nelli Orlovoj is original club and a museum, but for reception in this circle personal references of its friends from the Moscow State University, the Crimean scientists or the Crimean bohemia are necessary.

    Igor Rusanov

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