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    Orlovka, Kacha, Andreevka, Angular, Sandy, Coastal

    From privokzalnoj the areas simply enough to leave by the bus or a minibus to several good enough beaches. And to live and eat somewhere near to Bakhchisarai much more cheaply, and by the sea to go only on half-day. The part of villages of the Western coast administratively concerns the earths of Sevastopol. But also to them there are direct flights of public transport from Bakhchisarai.


    There, where to Black sea runs the river Kacha (at village Orlovka) were stretched spacious enough peschano-gravijnye beaches with a flat bias, good both for children, and for adults. The garrison of naval pilots of Kacha is to the north. Recently it is declassified, so many inhabitants accept tourists and in the apartment houses, and on summer residences, which much. They are located among vineyards, here excellent fruit, vegetables and grapes. To a beach zone from housing estates about 1 km. Descent convenient for cars to a beach passes on a so-called Dog beam. Rather narrow, but very interesting beaches are under abrupt coastal breakage which collapses after each big storm. In a breakage exposure there are layers of ancient densely packed sand. After storm and landslips it appears below, and you simply anywhere will not find such virgin cleanliness of a sand! So it is possible to reconcile to a total absence on these beaches of any comfort - to build after all here it is impossible. But on very wide beach of Orlovki a full set of all conceivable and inconceivable entertainments and services.

    The village Big and prospering from a Soviet period Andreevka pleases an eye with a beautiful big Palace of culture from which to the sea the huge park with set ekzotichesih plants and bosks of Russian birches was stretched. A beach with small concrete quay and breakwaters.

    All it has remained in a good condition and even is added by cafe in piracy style and several palm trees from canes on pine columns. In village last years the set of country houses and inexpensive private boarding houses is constructed.

    the Cape Lukull before recent time was the closed zone and is a little known. Coast here are steep and can be dangerous at a storm and long rains. But water at cape is extremely transparent and rich with sea inhabitants. Coastal akvalnyj the complex is declared by reserved. On cape the hydrographic point of the Black Sea fleet of Russia is located. Now it from different directions obstroen expensive enough and impressive country houses, their whole street is under construction on standard projects, obviously, for sale. In a Soviet period to cape bottom the convenient metal ladder and planked footway (old residents speak, for convenient fishing of local admirals and captains, but officially – for a lining of a certain underwater cable) have been made.

    On cape almost always there are fans of fishing, diving and is simple judges of bathing in transparent water which on the western coast at the mastered resorts to find not too easily. On cape Lukull prohodit administrative border between the Bakhchsarai area and the earths of Sevastopol.

    Below the big village Angular after pair small small lakes the spacious semicircular bay opens. In its centre bases of rest settle down. A beach pure enough and arranged well. There is a small market and some cafe. On either side of from this beach spontaneous tent small towns of autotourists settle down.

    The bottom of steep cape between Sandy and Angular has a spacious nudist beach on which having a rest come from both villages on pleasant tracks among vineyards.


    Vicinities Sandy - a young resort to the West from Bakhchisarai are picturesque enough: in a relief the affinity of mountains is already felt, the valley of the river of Alma is almost entirely covered by gardens from an apple-tree and a pear, all grows in villages also the rest, is also small nizkostvolnye lesochki, and we have said goodbye to steppe. In Alma's lower reaches it is dug out the Ust-Alminsky Scythian site of ancient settlement . It is said that in mouth deposits any special bright pebble (orange serdolikovaja - a beads did of it and Scythians and goto-alany once), but it as will carry comes across also. Special archaeological excursions will be organised by "Yalta-Intourist" on a place of one of the most bloody battles ХIX of a century - in Alminsky battle were lost ten thousand soldiers and officers of Russia, Great Britain, France, Sardinian kingdom (Italy) and Turkey. Earthen strengthening Alminsky retranshement has remained.

    Hardly above on Alma's valley there is a village Vilino. Here the Foothill pilot farm of the Ukrainian language of scientific research institute on wine growing and winemaking of "Magarach" (the institute is located in the centre of Yalta, and it is created in 1828) is located. If all in the world it is known about 24 thousand grades and forms of cultural grapes, in a collection "Magaracha" of their 3.2 thousand, this second meeting in Europe, Monpele (France) conceding only.

    Remarkable wine was prepared by institute "Магарач" for the 150 anniversary of Alminsky battle. It is unusually soft and fragrant Madera Alminsky 12 summer endurances.

    The Village Coastal , located in a mouth of a small rivulet of Bulganak though concerns the Bakhchsarai area, but through Kolchugino leaves on a line from Nikolaevka to Simferopol. Local places are not so densely populated, as coast abruptly break to the sea and are subject to landslips. Only river valley as though removes breakages in the parties. In the summer tent small towns for autotourists and rest in rural houses and summer residences involve those who needs only the sea and is inexpensive.

    Igor Rusanov

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