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    the Review of beaches. A naturism

    Beaches are only in ustevyh zones of river valleys, thus the river can not be felt practically in any way, as all rivers here "ЁрчюсЁрэ№" on numerous water basins and ponds. If on a card in a coastal zone it is not designated neither the river, nor village at its mouth, means a beach is not present and cannot be. Most likely and convenient descent to water is not present, as protected here on a huge extent the Cornel-jar (Red breakage) is called. Vertical breakages are deprived vegetation and constantly washed away by the sea, receding on pair metres every year. In the basic ambassador of winter storm, but there are catastrophic collapses and after summer downpours.

    At Sandy and Bergovogo most known here of resorts, the considerable part of beaches is carried away by the sea. Concrete protective constructions are destroyed also. In the sea quite often there are layers of red clay, so as a whole beaches not so good. There, where they all the same are, consist of sand with a small impurity of small gravel from ancient adjournment of coastal breakage. The accomplishment and gardening of a coastal zone makes good impression, also as well as a variety of service at enough comprehensible prices. Are less known, but it is much better, sandy beaches Angular and Orlovki, and also melkogravijnye beaches of Andreevki. Here from a Soviet period concrete breakwaters from which it is good to jump in water have remained in a good condition. In other places of such pleasure public is deprived.

    At abrupt breakages which rise everywhere, much pleasant (simply paradise) pocket beaches, however in downpours or during storm, it is better to refrain from their visiting. Along the edges of the basic beaches at villages pocket beaches are considered pertinent for fans of continuous sunburn . The big and convenient nudist beach is only at breakages of the cape dividing beaches Sandy and Angular. Here is purer, than on the next beaches, where "ъѕыі=ѕЁэю ю=ф№§р¦=" more civilised people who are not conceiving of without bathing suits and swimming trunks.

    River valleys in region have quite often impressive and very attractive kind, one is bad - waters in them a little, and sometimes and at all is not present. It of that half of their food is made by rain waters, moreover the fifth part - thawing of snow.

    It is possible to judge features of a food and high water time simply from the name of the river, a stream or a source.

    In Crimea names basically Turkic, come from ancient nomadic culture for which water was the main thing in an economic rhythm.

    Ak - generally means the white. But with reference to water – snow, that is having a snow food, and, hence, a rough spring high water and very low level in the summer, up to drying. Ak-chokrak, hence, not so white spring, and a spring from thawing of snow. In the summer such spring can dry up completely and it is not necessary to count on it especially. With such name in Crimea it is a lot of sources.

    the Penalty - generally – black. But if about water (for example as in a spring from snow-white mergelej – the Ak-sou) it is possible to tell that it white to translate the name of small river the Penalty-sou as Black water is not necessary. It is a question of the water beating from the earth by a powerful fountain. In French (and in general scientific terminology) such sources are called vokljuz. The name of the Bath of the Youth in the Grand Canyon of Crimea – Karagol should translate not as black lake (water in it always brightly green-blue), and as lake with an underground food which is always filled by water even if above it dries up.

    The Mystic force with which allocate bathing in the Youth Bath, is quite explainable. Here crossing of two breaks – a grandiose multikilometer break on which hills, and small on which of depths crystal waters get have parted in the parties.

    In the majority of the Crimean small rivers for November-April 70 - 90% of an annual drain prokatyvaetsja on abrupt channels to the sea, without having had time to give to drink the earth. Therefore in Crimea so it is a lot of ponds and water basins. Many are constructed of them under the traditional scheme with use aryk-bashi, the special channel taking surplus of waters from the river aside from a channel in specially chosen and obvalovannoe deepening in a relief. Aryk-bashi it is possible to see and now at with. Falcon, and already in a concrete modern variant aryk-bashi Alma to the Alminsky water basin at the item Post dewaters from the river.

    This extremely clever and "Іъюыюушёэр " the technology, on the one hand, leaves untouched a channel of the river with its difficult and not giving in to any forecasts (even on the most perfect computers) a life, and with another, - reliably keeps a water bowl from freshet washouts. Unfortunately, water basins and the ponds constructed after 50th, have departed from century Crimean tradition. Primitive peregorazhivanie channels with flooding of valleys, as a rule, conducts to lifting of ground waters, bogging or disappearance of springs, omertveniju the bottom current. So outside of Foothills all Crimean small rivers represent now pity ditches and in water supply of a role do not play.

    But in mountain valleys of small river are picturesque and quick, and ponds give excellent possibilities for bathing and fishing. However, it is authorised not everywhere, so simply ask local residents before to be dipped. From safety reasons also it is necessary to learn, where it is better to bathe, whether it is possible to dive, what bottom.

    The Special pleasure from bathing can be received only in falls. Warmth of water here is not so necessary. Force from which it beats in a body from height is that that the temperature of value has no. Adrenaline from within fills in with heat!

    Well and thin fields which are felt by psychics (yes, probably, and people with usual abilities) speak falls them razlomnym an origin. The terrestrial cloak in such places as if breathes, exchanging energy with a surface. Air here is sated by ions from overthrown water and fitontsidami from magnificent pines, beeches and oaks.

    Bathing in lakes and Foothills ponds – pleasure already conventional. Always it is a lot of people at the New Ulyanovsk water basin and on a pond of Bashtanovki. The huge green-blue mirror of an open-cast mine at village Rocky represents almost drinking spring quality water. Here remarkable possibilities to dive from calcareous blocks, and also huge "ы уѕ°р=эшъ" with shoal and ideally equal bottom. After all it is cut out in a monolith by stone-cutting cars. The mountain pond above Rich gorge is very good.

    For naturistov it is possible to recommend ponds on northern border of the Crimean reserve in a small river Bodrak valley. On mountains basically public academic here wanders, and also students from Moscow and St.-Petersburg, bases which expert settle down in villages Cool and Trudoljubovka.

    Igor Rusanov

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    Safety and hygiene

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