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    Safety and hygiene

    Coastal, Sandy and Angular have rather narrow peschano-gravijnye beaches , behind them abrupt slopes or coastal breakages which should be fixed special ferro-concrete designs and gardening quite often tower. Here and there beaches pour gravel and a pebble, differently the sea not only "ёышч№трх=" canopies and fungi, but also destroys quays and even resort cases. Attention: there, where quays are destroyed, do not enter at all into water, the armature and ferro-concrete fragments are mortally dangerous.

    After a tragical case at settlement Kacha in June, 2005 when several having a rest fell asleep on a wild beach a landslip, we consider not superfluous to give some councils:

    • the coastal breakage absolutely deprived of a grass and steep is unstable;
    • breakage on which slopes the grass and a bush grows and under which there are even trees, for example, wild olive (silvery loha), is quite reliable;
    • settling down on a beach under breakage, mentally imagine, as blocks from its edges can far fall. It can be made on an example of recent collapses, estimations of cracks in boards of breakage and on its top;
    • after long rains refrain in general from visiting of wild beaches under breakages;
    • never loudly shout under breakages, never throw stones from above and do not approach to breakage edge.

    the Climate in mountains has the features literally on each hills. Also it is very important also a slope exposition, especially in the winter: if on northern kuluare mountains Chatyr-dag the present snowstorm with a penetrating frosty wind on a plateau can be solnechno and almost bezvetrenno so it is possible to sunbathe, for example, storms, and on southern porosshem wood a slope already all thaws. As a whole mountains differ at all times year at colder nights, than valleys, the considerable quantity of fogs and deposits - forms a steady snow cover which can keep to the middle of April in the winter. On flat surfaces of the Main ridge of Crimean mountains - jajlah the wind almost always blows. At the same time there is a set of cosy mountain valleys and gorges, for example, the natural boundary Red caves where it is always silent and is much warmer, than in district.

    On slopes jajl Ah-petri, Babugan, Chatyr-dag and Demerdzhi and can in the winter descends avalanches in the spring. Avalanching ways same also are well visible from year to year from afar bezlesnymi strips. Be in earnest about preventions of weather services of danger of an avalanching, and in general consider that winter campaigns on jajlam are very dangerous and demand serious preparation. However, before all mountain campaigns it is necessary to be registered in to a kontrolno-life-saving service of Crimea , and there you already receive also the detailed information both about local and about seasonal complexities, dangers, together with about the most pleasant and interesting advantages of a route.

    Separate danger of the Crimean travel – DO NOT TRUST CARDS! The greatest nonsense in planning of the Crimean routes – to think up their houses simply on the basis of several tourist cards. The first – all Soviet (and Post-Soviet) cards are published with intended distortions. The second – topographical shooting – very expensive action also is spent seldom – time in 20-30 years. Dirt roads in Crimea vary annually, gardens raskorchevyvajutsja, and artificial landings of woods extend.

    The Third – the distance on cards is shown as a projection to planes. That is the ten metres on a card can represent steep breakage in one thousand metres of height, absolutely unapproachable. One more danger – ILLUSION VSESILNOSTI of MODERN TECHNOLOGIES. Devices of satellite navigation in Crimea are absolutely useless.

    Nevertheless, in mountain routes it is necessary to use cards. About features of it is separate article in section "+юЁэ№щ тхыюёшяхф" heads about active tourism. It is called "-рЁ=№ in hands – Pedals in эюуш" but it is equally fair and for routes on jeeps, horses or on foot.

    Distances in mountains are perceived also not habitually. Because of a high transparency of air the next tops can look relatives, but ravines and precipices will force you to walk on tens kilometres. At the same time the fog and shreds of clouds will present to you unreal pleasure to plunge into atmosphere of any Solaris and to forget in general about existence of a civilisation and any else humanoids, outside of your company! ANY DRUGS And ANY ALCOHOL on a route! I assure you, no fly agarics will replace to you real glitches, mirages and ghosts which wait, will not wait you in Crimean mountains. Be not surprised also to that in photos or a video shooting, made in mountains, caves, at springs will be certain "ёѕЁэюё=ш" with unearthly structure of a body, light, fiery columns and other displays of thin power bodies. Concern it pragmatically, but with a due share of respect. Enjoy mountain air, bathing in falls, tea from mountain grasses and light of stars, but do not try shamanit and to subdue these forces.

    Declines in Crimea, especially in mountains, very short . And fans of well-known Karelian and other northern dawns (which are really wonderful), lasting hours, it would be desirable to warn experts: in Crimean mountains the sun simply sharply leaves, fails for horizon and sharply there comes darkness. It can be dangerous, if all of you on a route. As magnificent and improbably huge moon can sharply come up because of a slope, filling in mountains with bright yellow colour. However, once again – care! Lunar colour always was a symbol of perfidy, illusiveness. At all seeming brightness, lunar beams give absolutely other drawing of shades, than solar, deform distances and can smooth and hide real dangers of a relief – clefts, breakages, karstic funnels. any walks under the moon! As a matter of fact for this reason skilled conductors always tell at a night fire terrifying stories about the Black Doll, the Mangupsky boy and other that tourists were silently hammered into tents and did not think of any night activity behind their limits.

    However we will return to the Crimean declines. They are short, but are very effective, however, as well as dawn. Both that, and it is necessary to admire another near to convenient and safe camp.

    International relations . Usually all nations live In cities and villages without special borders. Only Crimean Tatars compactly live in specially built up suburbs at Bakhchisarai. Have traditionally remained and in many mountain villages "Ёѕёёъшх" and "=р=рЁёъшх" parts, but now this distribution is not especially maintained.

    Photographing buildings or landscapes, you should know that Islam forbids images of the person, therefore the people dressed in Muslim traditions, to remove without their permission it is impossible. More often it can be foreign students from the Arabian countries. Traditions of Islam in a life of the Crimean Tatars are not so appreciable, and, anyway, do not create problems for others, and ideas of fundamentalism are absolutely not popular. Moslems of Crimea basically profess sunnu (as well as in Turkey). This direction of Islam is tolerant and does not interfere in questions of high life or a policy.

    National distinctions can be shown in professional works - the majority of drivers of fixed-route taxis, for example, the Crimean Tatars. Also it is a lot of them in public catering, trade. That however, does not create any problems for tourists. Not knowing Russian in Crimea is not present in general.

    Dominating culture as a whole is Soviet with all its good and bad lines, at youth changed market spirit, and at pensioners - in stagnant or even still a Stalin variant.

    The Crimean Tatars the political actions achieve the simple everyday blessings: light and water in settlements, schools for children, the ground areas under building - and all it already is anyhow fastened on tourist business. And political influence is necessary for national leaders not for military conflicts, and all the same participation in incomes of tourism.

    Clothes. Special restrictions official, in public opinion concerning clothes do not exist. Women near to beaches manage bikini and transparent pareo, men over swimming trunks dress only shorts, children go in bathing suits or shorts. The headdress and sun glasses is necessarily necessary. It concerns, still in bolshej to a measure and walks in mountains . Here already the great attention is demanded by footwear, it should sit densely on a foot (better with socks) to be on a nonslipping rubber sole. Mountain tracks in seldom visited places highly grass, therefore it is necessary to put on gaiters, golfs or long trousers. In Christian temples women should be in skirts or dresses, with the covered head and without black glasses, the man in trousers and shirts. In night clubs or restaurants usually there are no rigid requirements to clothes, in general, it is possible to pass both in krossovkah, and in shorts. To dance in club with a naked torso it is quite admissible, however at restaurant it will be already a bad form.

    Igor Rusanov

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