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    Transport, habitation, a food

    Transport. All interesting is in valleys of the rivers Belbek, Kacha, Bodrak and Alma which will run from spurs of the Main ridge of Crimean mountains and, cutting Foothills ridges, modest enough streamlets run into Black sea at the western coast. Valleys very wide and unusually picturesque, on them are cleared quite good roads on which from 5 o'clock in the morning and till 6-7 evenings buses and minibuses quickly enough and cheaply rush. In the evening of flights of transport already is not present, with rare exception (there can be last flights of minibuses at 20 o'clock). Unfamiliar avtostoperov it is not accepted to take - neither in the afternoon, nor in the evening.

    Between river valleys there is a dense network of ancient pack tracks on which go, basically only tourists peshehodniki and go dzhipery, mountain bicyclists and konniki.

    The Main knot is privokzalnaja the area of Bakhchisarai. Atostantsija is directly at railway station, routes (for buses and fixed-route taxis) it is a lot of, especially to sea coast. There are some more railway platforms and stations, at each of which you are waited already by local Autodzhigits.

    many Russian tourists prefer to buy Habitation simply now, instead of to rent. In picturesque Foothills in 10-30 km from the sea the usual rural small house with the big garden can manage now in 30 or even 5 thousand dollars – the price depends on presence of natural gas and distance to the sea. In 2000 many bought such houses for 1-5 thousand dollars.

    Long-term rent of habitation can be extremely cheap – 1 dollar a day or even less for a small rural small house. Such small houses are removed for themselves usually by teachers of high schools of Moscow and St.-Petersburg, working on student's experts, and also artists. The standard price of one bed for coast 3 dollars in June and September, with increase for a high season to 4-5 dollars.

    On paid tent parking usually take 1 dollar a day from tent or from the person. It depends on popularity of a place.

    a Food – one of the main advantages of the Bakhchsarai area. It is tasty, cheaply, variously, it is useful and even ezoterichno … About krymskotatarskoj to kitchen at us it is written separate article in section of ENTERTAINMENT, PURCHASE, the CULTURAL LIFE. It is possible to tell safely that in the Bakhchsarai area the meal is entertainment!

    Superexpensive restaurants does not exist. The usual dinner can keep within at 10-20 griven. And gastronomic orgazm with elements of experiments on the live person (that is native) hardly will ruin you if not to order tequila alien to us or widow Kliko. With local wines all will manage even at difficult smart dishes of type dymlama in 100-300 griven on the person. However do not forget that here mountains and to overeat does not follow. Even the set and height dump on transport will be interfaced to sharp changes of atmospheric pressure and loadings on heart. It is better to exclude in general vodka and cognac for the night if you are going to go to mountains since morning on foot, top or on a bicycle. Also do not forget that separate unforgettable taste air and spring water here has. To pay for them it is not necessary.

    Igor Rusanov

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