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    the Mountain bicycle and other kinds of driving on impassability

    the Mountain bicycle, a jeep, kvadrotsikl, krossovyj a motorcycle

    The Bakhchsarai area is classical for driving on impassability. Special forms of hills of Internal and External ridges of Crimean mountains which from the south represent very abrupt slopes with vertical breakages, and from the north very long and flat descents, allows to go really in general without roads. But thus completely to supervise safety and extreme degree. For more comfortable driving, but nevertheless without asphalt, the extensive area mezhgrjadovogo falls between Jajloj (from which it is possible skatit to beaches of Southern coast) and the Internal ridge where the well-known cave cities are located, from an immemorial antiquity has remained a unique network of dirt roads. In popular speech them call ishachkami – the matter is that a donkey very clever and ergonomic animal. The donkey under cargo very much saves forces and never will lose heights and it will not type in vain. The tracks laid by pack burros two or five thousand years ago, it is ideal traverses which could not be reorientated by means of the most exact theodolites.

    The Considerable part of tracks passes also in a shade of the remarkable trees rich fitontsidami. These are junipers, oaks, pines. Among them set of curative fruit-trees and bushes.

    For fans of an extreme, jumps through earthen springboards perfect conditions create is artificial the terraces cut by tractors on hillsides. Them did simply for convenient care of pine landings, without assuming that someone for a pair of clocks will construct from this friable weight springboards for flights.

    In vicinities of Bakhchisarai already hastily blinded some lines for extreme downhill racing.

    Saddle horses and burros

    The Horse the being live and conceiving enough, and is exclusive in the interests. Very attentively listen to the instructor and first of all, try to understand how to show and prove to a horse that you glavnee. But even thus do not forget that passing under low branches, the horse feels only the dimensions. In time to bend down to a mane and to become not above take in horses – your problem. We will not give here vast councils, but once again we will tell – very attentively listen to the instructor. If do not feel contact to a horse and doubt the possibilities to operate it – do not hesitate, ask council once again. A horse a being heavy, fearless and dangerous.

    In comparison with a mountain bicycle riding travel on mountains, especially on the Main ridge where zanjatnee. Gains height a horse as easily, as well as goes down, but perhaps, descent is more dangerous. The review is better, than on a bicycle or the car. It as the animal together with you easily jumps over the most interesting through small rivers and ruts and climbs up on small abrupt obryvchiki, simply being tightened on forward feet. Help it: at descent deviate back and weight of your body direct on hind legs that they kept on a slope is better. And at lifting nestle on a neck of an animal and body weight concentrate on forward his feet. Talk to a horse – I do not know, how much it is necessary for it, but it precisely results beginning horseman in norm. Be firm and consecutive in the commands, however and some caress is necessarily necessary. In general, for those who has got used to cars, to bicycles and electronics dialogue (moreover with conquest elements) with an animal – a separate attraction and an extreme. Also an occasion to deeper comprehension of a life.

    How much it is useful? Riding well operates on all groups of muscles. Medical effect, especially for preventive maintenance of a prostatitis at men and struggle against a female cellulitis provide vibromassazh. And the powerful positive biofield of an animal is felt especially by children, sick to nurseries tselebralnym paralichem. Horse walks are offered tourists everywhere – in parks and at quays on all more or less large tourist centres.

    Campaigns, it something are already more serious. Necessary preparation can be received on a camp site "+Ёышэ№щ чрых=".

    From novelties it is possible to offer wishing driving on donkeys. This service offer in area "яхЁхЁэ№§ уюЁюфют" Mangup, Eski-kermen in the Bakhchsarai area, and it wins more and more supporters. oslovoditelej thousand happy visitors are proud of the certificate already.

    Igor Rusanov

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