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    Councils to autotourists

    Foothill Crimea - the least known, but the most interesting area for routeing trailering.

    The Spring in Foothills is more pleasant, than on Southern coast, and especially - it is better, than at coast of a steppe zone. There are no crude penetrating winds from the sea, numerous mountain lakes quickly get warm, everywhere flowering, greens and open space. Well and the autumn is good an abundance of fruit and grapes and their excitingly low price.

    Protected parking places are at all hotels, and also near to roadside restaurants, many of which were already equipped with numbers and saunas or build it right now. All highways from Simferopol to Sevastopol and from Bakhchisarai to Yalta abound with excellent institutions krymkotatarskoj, Ukrainian, Armenian and an European cuisine of different level - from simple braziers to VIP-institutions. In itself roads are very picturesque, and it is possible to visit cave cities and monasteries, ruins of ancient temples and operating monasteries, modern cult any places of psychics and nonconformists, caves, falls, nature sanctuaries. Local residents go on fishing, hunting, gathering of medicinal grasses, mushrooms, berries, wild fruits. However, much from this is on sale directly at highway, near to the well-known local springs.

    So even if you go to the sea, do not hasten to slip Foothills in full operation.

    In valleys of the rivers Belbek, Kacha, Bodrak and Alma quite good asphalt roads are cleared. Between river valleys there is a dense network of ancient pack tracks on which go dzhipery.

    Are Most popular for excursions: the Hansky palace , the Uspensky monastery and a cave city Chufut-kale at Bakhchisarai. Between a monastery and city collars of Chufut-kale recently there was a separate excursion object - an obsidional well with hundreds metres of subways. Here everywhere during a tourist season a parking paid. Campings are not present.

    On the southwest from Bakhchisarai it is possible to pass to a cave monastery Kachi-kalon which breakages with several hundreds cave cells hang directly over highway.

    Is famous all around ancient a source of Tash-Air . A parking free, very pleasant and inexpensive krymskotatarskoe cafe with little tables directly among rocks and mountain wood.

    Upstream Kachi, at village Kudrino the road turns off on the north to Tepe-Kermen , here is to 250 caves. To rise in a city it is possible only on foot, and to its bottom (where there is a spring and the big table with benches is equipped) it is possible on the car on enough abrupt and difficult dirt road.

    The river Valley Bodrak on the east from Bakhchisarai is remarkable a cave city Bakla , the ancient centre of winemaking. A remarkable place for motorcyclists and dzhipperov. More low in the most beautiful woods the vacation spot at an ancient spring is equipped by Afinis.

    The Popular place of educational excursions is the Crimean astrophysical observatory in valley upper courses, the largest in Europe. Highway a streamer, but with good asphalt. Here it is necessary to arrive towards evening. There is a protected parking place and hotel.

    One of the most popular places to the south from Bakhchisarai – a cave city Mangup . Before Mangupom on an exit in the Karalezsky valley of a beam with the Tatar village of Hodzha-fat there is a big glade and nice artificial lake. Here the parking place, a tourist shelter, cafe, shops, two-storeyed restaurant with numbers is arranged.

    At the sea of autotourists accept numerous private boarding houses and simply rural houses in villages. There is a set of spontaneous camps, but in them is rather dirty enough. However, all in hands of autotourists.

    In Yalta the great bulk of tourists arrives through Simferopol and Alushtu. This road, certainly, is beautiful, but is very blocked by transport. The way is very interesting to fans of mountain roads through a plateau Ah-petri: from Simferopol it is necessary to go to Bakhchisarai, and then through village Tank and settlement Kujbyshevo by the Grand Canyon of Crimea the asphalt streamer lifts you on kilometre height Ah-Petrinsky jajly. In itself it is spacious enough and interesting to drive there a pair of clocks.

    Much easier a route through Bakhchisarai and Tank, but with turn on village the Red Poppy - by the cave city of Mangup and village Ternovka you get on a line Sevastopol-Yalta. Here it is possible to get to the western part of the Big Yalta two ways - equally picturesque and interesting. But one of them hardly is a highway of a XIX-th century through the Bajdarsky valley more difficult, ascent here there is more. The second variant - modern highway over a bay of Laspi. It has a remarkable specific platform on a rock Garina-Mihajlovsky. Here necessarily there comes all Sevastopol newly-married couple. For autotourists wait both national small restaurants, and souvenirs, and a new beautiful building of an orthodox chapel.

    Buhta Laspi though administratively concerns Sevastopol, in the natural relation - present Juzhnoberezhe. And one of few places where it is possible to have a rest at the sea with tents. Moving down downwards to a bay, it is necessary to follow under the index "¤рэёшюэр= ЂчѕьЁѕф". Nearby to boarding house there are places for installation of tents.

    Autorefuellings of "LukOjl-Krym" (+подкачка tyres, the autogoods, cafe of fast service):

    • the gas station №4, with. Pleasant Appointment (a line Simferopol-Bakhchisarai) - (06554 4-16-96
    • the gas station № 5, with. novopavlovka (a line Simferopol-Bakhchisarai) - (06554 7-28-43

    The Bakhchsarai regional department of car inspection (06554 2-69-57

    Igor Rusanov

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    the Card of Bakhchisarai
    the Card of the Hansky Palace

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