Rest in Crimea. Bakhchisarai  
rest in Bakhchisarai
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  • Base of rest ' the Spark '
  • Base ' Eagle Zalet '
  • Base ' the Halt '
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    the Tourist centre ' the Halt '

    The Tourist centre "Halt" is located in east part of old Bakhchisarai, on a slope of a small hill. The panorama of a city and its vicinities, a texture of city streets, a scattering of freakish rocks on a valley opposite side from here opens.

    The Camp site is based in 1948 and serves tourists of foot routes N 22, 26, 27, 183 and bus 744th route.

    At the disposal of tourists a tourist's office, library, a summer cinema, a billiard room, gymnastic small town, dancing and sports platforms, a bar, buffet, hire point, a left-luggage office, a room of household self-service, a medical aid station, booths on sale of articles of prime necessity.

    The Camp site is calculated on 90 places of all-the-year-round action in the case and 230 places of seasonal action in summer small houses. Placing in the case in 3-4-местных numbers, conveniences on a floor, and in small houses on 2-3 places, conveniences in territory.

    Mail, a savings bank, bank, shops, cinemas, stadium are in city centre.

    The Pleasant impression leaves greens abundance on camp site territories, colourful registration of the avenues, a convenient arrangement of household services.

    the Tourist centre ` the Halt `, Bakhchisarai, Crimea During stay on a camp site tourists make excursion in the Bakhchsarai istoriko-architectural museum, in "a cave city" Chufut-Kale and the Uspensky monastery (VI-XVIII century of century), cut down in rocks. Tourists of 22nd and 183rd foot routes leave on excursion to Sevastopol.

    You to the full will manage to estimate original beauty of mountain Crimea, a charm of summer Crimean nights, will get used to a life of forthcoming fascinating travel.

    Teenagers at the age from 16 years Are accepted on service. On 744th (bus) route children from 12 years are accepted accompanied by adults at presence at nihputevki.

    the camp site Address: Ukraine, Crimea, Bakhchisarai, Schmidt's street, 43

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