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    the Nature and reserves

    Crimean mountains in the south were stretched by three parallel ridges from Sevastopol to Feodosiya on 150 kilometres. Their southern slopes almost otvesny, and northern the hollow pass in mezhgrjadovye falls or plains.

    Two low ridges (External and Internal) in the north make the Crimean foothills , cut on separate files picturesque river valleys. In the western part of Foothills which almost entirely settles down within the Bakhchsarai area, one and a half ten well-known cave cities and monasteries settle down.

    The Abundance of grottoes and rocky canopies in calcareous breakages of Foothills, and also a favorable microclimate have defined their main role in culture of the ancient Stone Age.

    Heights of the External ridge in the west reach 583 m above sea level – a file of Mangup, its vertical breakages are made by grandiose impression. Only in the Bakhchsarai area the External ridge consists of two numbers kuest. The most beautiful files, like Tepe-kermen, rise separate bastions.

    the External ridge only recovers a relief from the north from a line Sevastopol – Simferopol (and hardly further on the east) separate files in height from 140 to 362 metres with dark green stains of pine forests, basically artificial. It is interesting only to those who has a rest at the Western coast (Uchkuevki, Sandy) to sweep on a horse or a mountain bicycle or to do some flying on a paraplane and to taste other "raised" delights.

    In general the best part for tourism are valleys and files between the Internal ridge of Foothills and the Main ridge. In the ancient time because of private attacks of steppe nomads the transport message between settlements was carried out in this strip, now by almost deserted, not mentioned asphalt civilisation.

    The Main ridge, or Jajla (on krymsko-tatarski - summer pastures) rises almost continuous barrier which height directly at coast in the western part (at cape Ajja or at Bear-mountain) makes more than 500 metres, and in the central part already removed from coast on some kilometres exceeds one thousand metres. The ridge hides from cold winds at the southern abrupt breakage a narrow strip of a land - the well-known Southern coast of Crimea ( JUBK ). Over Jajloj, a hilly plateau, separate hills and peaks tower. Six of them exceed 1500 metres, the most part is on a plateau of Babugan-jajla, including the Novel-kosh, the highest point of Crimea – 1545 m, and also the most effective top, with the richest review – the Eklizi-breaker (Church cape) on Chatyr-dage, with a mark of 1527 m. Many of routes which begin in Bakhchisarai, the culmination have tops of the Main ridge, and a well-deserved reward – bathing on beaches of Southern coast.

    On the Main ridge drops out much more deposits so magnificent greens of the Alpine meadows and soft lines of hills transfer us to the centre of Europe, and romantic, medieval. Absence of asphalt and electric mains allows cinematographers of many countries to shoot here adventure films.

    Some the birch bosks which have remained still from the Glacial age, will remind of Russia. Most well-known of them is near to a meteorological station on Ah-petri, it both the most popular among tourists and the most accessible.

    At southern bottom of the Main ridge beaches are good not only transparent water, but also possibility to be engaged (or to admire) in rock-climbing on vertical or even negative rocky walls in height in hundreds metres. And obrashchennost beaches to the sun almost everywhere on the south. The solar beams reflected from the sea are focused by rocks which besides protect bays from a wind. Always it is possible to find "skovorodochki" for sunburn in «February windows» - characteristic for Crimea the warming periods, or to prolong "the velvet season" till the end of November.

    Jajly basically consist of limestones and are penetrated by thousand large karstic cavities. These are many-tier (to 6 floors) caves, vertical wells and the mines frightening failures with crystal-clear lakes, never thawing snezhnikami and glaciers, wonderful ornaments from crystals and kaltsitovyh natekov and improbably majestic arches in tens metres in height. From them, as a matter of fact, also there was an European representation about sanctity and the temple architecture has developed.

    Even in mountains the nature of Crimea remains friendly to the person, leaving among hundreds the dangerous tests accessible only to desperate and skilled adventurers, some, as if specially thought up convenient and pleasant places in which invalids or older persons can take pleasure even. And, of course, Mountain Crimea is especially good for children with whom he simply plays, giving training through adventures. The geology, botany, zoology, geography, history can be learnt easily, fascinatingly and visually, simply continually.

    However, the most important is the good mountain conductor. Any book will not replace to you dialogue with the expert. During pre-revolutionary times of a figure of conductors were on the present cult, for example, in Bakhchisarai Tatar Mesaut was so well-known, what even picture postcards on its tomb at bottom of rocks Sublu became a popular souvenir. And now each of skilled conductors concentrates in itself knowledge on tens volumes, and travel becomes a unique adventure, exclusive cinema in one copy!

    In this section we will not give the separate list of reserved objects of region. All of them are mentioned in characteristics of the tourist centres. The area differs one of the highest in Europe degree of a reserved saturation, and the first nature protection territories are created in the end of 19 centuries – zakazniki Imperial hunting and the hunting grounds of Russian aristocracy.

    Igor Rusanov

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